About Lindy Design Lab

I'm Lindsey Bollhoefer, a designer and propmaker from Melbourne...


...The one in the Sunshine State, not Down Under!

My interest in making things began while I was just a kid following the instructions that came with craft kits. From there I became obsessed with the entire design process and continued to learn new skills and gain familiarity with a variety of materials and techniques.

Whether it's a commission or something just for fun, every project begins with research. This often means getting to know a character and world to which a prop belongs, in addition to practical concerns such as how an item needs to function. Once I have a good grasp on what needs to be done I can start trying out ideas for making it happen, first in my imagination and then in the real world.

The goal is always to make things that are really cool, thoughtfully designed and constructed with care. By continually learning and building skills, I work to increase my ability to achieve these goals with each new project.

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