Automail Arm 3D Model


| Digital File for 3D Printing |

3D print your own Automail inspired by Edward Elric Fullmetal Alchemist. This is a 3D printable model as shown in this video. Files for the complete arm are scaled to fit someone 5 ft tall, slim build but can be scaled using the program of your choice. As a bonus I will also include a modified larger scale version of the hand and forearm. Upon purchase you will be sent a link via email to download the .stl files.

Please note that files are grouped by type, not as a suggested grouping for printing. Most parts are best printed one at a time with support structure as needed. You will need to group pieces to best suit the capacity of your printer. Keep in mind that if you are scaling up the armor up or have a small printer, pieces will need to be cut into smaller parts to fit. Also note that the shoulder piece needs to be printed in a flexible filament such as Cheetah so it can be heated and molded to your body before gluing pieces together.

Feel free to contact me if you should need any assistance with printing or finishing your Automail. I am happy to provide technical support. If you need a different automail design, you may also request a custom order


**Purchase is for access to Automail Arm 3D model files which remain the creative property of Lindy Design Lab and are for personal/non-commercial use only. Thank you!
The above product link is an Amazon affiliate link, so a tiny portion of of the sale supports the Lindy Design Lab channel on YouTube at no additional cost to you. This is not an officially licensed product and is only considered fan art.